Tom Hawkins

Tom Hawkins was drafted in 2007 round 2 Geelong v Carlton.

Tom Hawkins was born 21/7/88 and he is a full Forward for Geelong. and he is my favourite player EVER! He is number 26 and his Dad Jack Hawkins was one of the greatest AFL players of all time!


3 thoughts on “Tom Hawkins

  1. G’day Jack,

    That is some great information on Geelong star Tom Hawkins. Have you got his signature on a jumper or in a book?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge. Be sure to check back soon!
    – Rian

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  2. Dear Jack
    I have read your blog and all about Tom Hawkins.Its great to see you are so into AFL like I am.I on the other hand do not follow Geelong but I am a massive fan of Richmond!!
    I also play club footy and I am sad the season is now over.I love to kick a footy at the park with my brother and our pet dog.It must be exciting to have a relative who is an umpire?
    Have a great week.See ya

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