Do you think Australia day should be celebrated on January 26

Over the past 6 months the government have been deciding where they should change the date of Australia Day rather   January 26. The Aboriginals say that they want to change the date because were celebrating it when the first fleet came and invaded the Aboriginal culture. I think that the date should stay but change the focus.

The Games that I like.

download (15)download (14)The games that I like are… Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Forza 4, Black ops 11, Black ops 111, Broforce, Rocket League, The Goat Simulator,Fifa 16,AFL live 1 and 2, Halo 4, NBA2k16, Mario Cart, Splatoon, Halo

Tom Hawkins

Tom Hawkins was drafted in 2007 round 2 Geelong v Carlton.

Tom Hawkins was born 21/7/88 and he is a full Forward for Geelong. and he is my favourite player EVER! He is number 26 and his Dad Jack Hawkins was one of the greatest AFL players of all time!


My uncle Chris Donlon is an AFL umpire!

download (5)This is my uncle Chris Donlon, he is an AFL umpire.

His AFL number is 1, try and find him on T.V. He started umpiring  in the year 2005 [when I was born]

He was born in the year 1977 and the teams that he umpired for his first match was Hawthorn v Brisbane.

As a kid he played football and went to games. He umpired the 2011 AFL Grand Final Geelong Cats v Collingwood. Just recently he had his 250 games, what a milestone!

my favourite sports

Hi my name is Jack and my favourite Sports are…

  • finchyrenegadesT20 BIG BASH
  • soccer
  • downloadAFLImage result for stephen curry
  • cricket
  • Basketball

Image resultAnd the teams that I support are…

  • Geelong cats
  • Melbourne Renegades
  • Melbourne Victory
  • Cleveland cavs
  • Golden State Warriors

The players that I like are

  • Tom Hawkns
  • Aaron Finch
  • Patrick Dangerfield
  •                                                                                    Joel Selwood

My long weekend

It was the long weekend and me and my family went to go to visit my Great Grandma because she very very sick like she was going to pass away at 105 years of age.

We stay at our Nana’s place with my Cousins every one slept at each others places and all of us stayed together for the 4 days. She was still in bed till 8/3/16 and sadly she past away on the 15/3/16.

So we pray for her to rest in peace.